MCP Polarimeter

Polarimetry & Refractometry

Anton Paar provides high-precision, reliable polarimeters for concentration measurements of optically active substances online, inline and in the laboratory. Its refractometers measure the refractive index for applications in the food, beverage and petrochemical industries and the medical and pharmaceutical sectors.


Rheometry & Viscometry

Anton Paar’s rheometers are used to determine the deformation and flow behaviour of materials when acted on by outside forces. For high-precision determination of relative, kinematic and dynamic viscosity, Anton Paar provides a microviscometer, which requires only minimum sample volume and a revolutionary viscometer for the petrochemical industry.

DMA 35 05

Laboratory density and concentration measurement

Anton Paar has highly accurate laboratory instruments for a variety of requirements and budgets. These measure the density, concentration and specific gravity of liquids such as beer, soft drinks, petroleum and chemicals.

Multiwave GO 05

Sample preparation & Microwave synthesis

Anton Paar’s microwave reaction system allows digestion, extraction, evaporation and drying of sample materials before trace analysis. A specially designed model for microwave synthesis combines direct heating using microwaves with reactions under pressure, resulting in a drastic reduction of the reaction time from hours to minutes.

Beer Monitor 03

Process instrumentation

Anton Paar’s inline and online sensors provide continuous real-time analysis of chemicals, beverages, petroleum, and other liquids for production monitoring and control.

Callisto 100  cold filter plugging point tester

Petroleum Testing

Anton Paar provides testing instruments for the hydrocarbon world. The range includes instruments for the measurement of: volatility, flammability, distillation, vapor pressure, consistency & ductility, oxidation stability, cold flow  and other properties for liquids, fuels, lubricants and greases.

SAXspace 03

X-ray structure analysis

Anton Paar is the leading manufacturer of small- and wide-angle X-ray scattering systems. These are used in many applications such as: nanostructure analysis (shape, size and internal structure), dispersion stability, particle nucleation, porosity, crystallinity and orientation, biological macromolecules in solution (Bio-SAXS) and nanostructured surfaces (GISAXS).

Surface Analysis

The surface analysis device from Anton Paar provides essential information about surface charge: zeta potential. The electrokinetic analyzer has a wide range of applications, ranging from plastics, technical fibers, textiles, filter media and investigations into biomaterials and semiconductor substrates.

Surface Mechanical Characterisation

Anton Paar provides equipment that allow the mechanical characterisation of a wide range of surfaces and bulk materials. Adhesion of paints, optical thin films or hard coatings can be defined using one of our Scratch Testers. Other testing measurements include: hardness and elastic modulus, tribology and wear, coating thickness, 3D imaging and surface topography.